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Eventpartner connects people and brands through the fresh approach to the company event.

We offer unique event with private horse races in Tallinn Hipodroom.

This is unique private competition day which You can not have anywhere else around the world, but here in Tallinn.

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Special events for groups or company event includes a rare possibility to compete yourselves in arena without any previous experience in this field.

Hipodroom prepares 5-6 horses in track with 6-7 races at maximum. Carriages are made with 2 sitting places and all competitors from the group can actively participate by sitting next to the prof trainer in the same carriage. Special equipment to all competitors like dresses, caskets, glasses etc.

All the competition details are introduced and managed in the best professional way.


So – You will have best horses, best trainers, prof comments by microphones and totalisator based on winning game.

Everything is organised in a way that for the guest it will be nothing but the real fun!

This is special.

Date and time selected by the client.

How it feels like to sit in the place of jockey?

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